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If you have any questions that remain not answered in these FAQs, please contact us at our support Team 848 200 5992 or Send Mail to

Q: How to register at
A: Click on the Sign Up link given at the top right corner of our website. Fill in all the fields accurately. Click on the submit button to complete the registration. You also get an email for successful registration. Now you can start shopping!

Q: How to rely on the company and why we should look at this company
A: The company, Vivek Flowers Inc was established in US more than 12 years back and since then has been continuously serving the Indian community living in US with fresh flowers and the pooja items. It has 8 outlets in 4 cities in US and a well structured website for placing orders online. With fresh flowers with the same fragrance at your ancestral homes in India brought in to US, it has many more satisfied customers visiting the outlets daily and a high number of happy customers registered for online sales and delivery at their doors.

Q: How much it is safe to place orders online and make payment
A: Orders placed online in the company website is processed daily by a professional and dedicated team. The company believes in ethical value while conducting this business and works tirelessly to provide quality service to retain the tradition of the Hindu religion. The company’s website is following the PCI compliance and another regulatory requirement under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals. It has a well secured Payment Gateway PayPal where your payment online will be processed in a secured way, by retaining all your information with highly confidential.

Q: What are the payment methods available?
A: While shopping on our website or mobile app (proposed to be launched shortly), all payments are initiated through PayPal account if the customers have this account and prefer to pay out of this account. Alternately, the customer can use their cards, as all major Debit and Credit cards are accepted.

Q: Can I trust your payment gateway methods?
A: Our payment gateway is absolutely safe and secure. We ensure and guarantee you complete privacy of your details.

Q: How do I know that the order I placed on your website is successful?
A: Once we receive your order, you will be intimated via email and text message confirming the same.

Q: How the quality, freshness and fragrance of the flowers are maintained while being transported from India which may a few days in transit?
vA: Well trained and dedicated teams are working in India right from early morning to source the best quality flowers from the market as well as directly from the farmers. These flowers are handled in the air-conditioned rooms and packed in air-cooled boxes made specifically for this purpose. Our happy customers will endorse that the quality of flowers while buying at our stores are as fresh as available in India.

Q: How the flowers are being brought from India to US?
A: Flowers are well packed in air-cooled boxes and containers and are transported by air.

Q: When do you get your Indian flowers?
A: We get our consignment from India every Wednesday. They are available for store pick up in Edison, New Jersey from Wednesday morning. Our stores in Atlanta and Chicago have it from Thursday morning. During the festivals and special occasions, we get flowers two days prior to date.

Q: What if I have questions regarding my last minute order?
A: We do have local flower garlands and mums for Tuesday through Thursday delivery. You can refer made-in- usa.html

Q: How do you ship flowers?
A: We ship using FedEx priority overnight service. We place the flowers in between Ice sheets to maintain the temperatures to keep the flowers fresh until you receive them.

Q: If we don’t like the flowers or if we are not happy with the quality of your flowers, what we should do ?
A: We guarantee you quality of our flowers as explained earlier. Still if any of our customers are not happy with the flowers and if proved that there is damage or the flowers are spoiled at our end, our team will assist you to take back the flowers and refund the money. However, this will be at the sole discretion of the company’s management.

Q: In case of any such complaints or if we want to call for any help, whom should we approach ?
A: The company’s main corporate office and warehouse are located in New Jersey. The company staff are available in each of the company’s 8 stores located in 4 cities.

Q: How do we store flowers after we receive them?
A: Please remove the ice sheets and refrigerate the flowers. Jasmine strings come in boxes. Refrigerate with the boxes. Garlands come wrapped in butter paper or transparent sheets. Leave them on while refrigerating.

Q: How should we place an order?
A: For store pick up you can call and place order. For shipping please go online and place the order. In last page you will find a delivery date option.

Q: By when should we place the order?
A: Time of order depends on what you are ordering: 1) loose flowers and jasmine /mullai strings can be ordered by Thursday afternoon for Friday morning delivery 2) Indian wedding or pooja garlands have to be ordered one week in advance. For example if looking for Friday morning delivery the order has to be placed by Saturday the previous week. 3) Garlands made in USA can be ordered couple of days in advance. Festival times and busy weeks are exceptions.

Q: What is the minimum order for shipping?
A: You can order any quantity for shipping. It is the shipping costs that will be added to the flowers.

Q: How do you sell loose flowers?
A: 1) Loose flowers are sold in 7”x8” zip lock covers which are filled costs you $5/bag 2) You get button roses around 35-40 flowers, marigold 10-12 pcs, Lilly around 100-150, arali 150-200. 3) Marigold is sold as Kilograms too - $25/kg 4) Jasmine and mullai loose are approx. 200 gms @$8 each

Q: How do you sell strings?
A: We get jasmine, mullai and kanakambaram strings. 6FT of single long string comes as a box @ $12.50. For shipping minimum order is one box string. At store you can pick up a string of one foot length also @$2.50.

Q: What else the company can do for us
A: If any item is not available at the store nearest to your home, or if you are looking for any specific item from India, we would be happy to arrange from India to deliver at your home.

Q: What if I need some items that are in 'OUT OF STOCK' status?
A: We try our best to maintain an inventory level that will keep up with soaring demand, yet certain items due to their popularity may run out of stock. As we add new products continuously, please keep on checking if the items you need have been restocked. You can send us an email at to get the desired items at the earliest.

Q: For order of bulk quantity or large number of items or for any specific requirement of wedding or any other occasion, how many days before the event, we should place order?
A: Seven days before your event.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We believe in exceeding your expectations. Hence, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can send us an email at to return the item. For more information, please refer to our Refund and Return Policy.