Why Indians Use Flowers in Pooja?

The significance of flowers in Indian Culture on every important occasion of life is time immemorial. The usage of flowers and stories regarding the flowers or you will find the role of flowers in some stories regarding Indian Gods in Vedas and Holy scriptures. So, the importance of flowers in Indian Culture can be associated very prominently and significantly.


Flowers are used by Indians on many occasions in many different ways


Flowers are used in



As mentioned above that flowers are used on many important occasions by Indians, we can say flowers are associated with our life right from birth. Indian culture has been a culture of colors. India has comprised many colors of diversified Cultures, castes, and religions. If we understand the festivals of India, we can see different colors in the festivals too like different colored flowers. Festivals like Holi, which itself is a festival of color, Diwali, also known as the festival of lights comprises different colored crackers and decorative lights of different colors, Uttarayan, during which people use to fly different colored Kites in sky, that fills the sky with rainbow colors without a rainbow. 


In all the festivals celebrated by Indians few things are common. All the festivals have Rituals and Pooja to be performed. And In all rituals and pooja colorful, Indian Flowers are widely used having utmost significance and importance in all holy Indian rituals and festivals. 

 Diwali Rangoli of Flowers

Speciality Of Indian Flowers 


In Indian Culture and Indian rituals, every flower has its unique significance and importance. The specialty of Indian flowers is meaningful and can’t be replaced by any other flower. Indian flowers are widely used by Indians in India and as well as Indian residing in foreign countries, all thanks to online flower stores like Vivekflowers.com that provide fresh, pure and natural Indian flowers for all the festivals and auspicious occasions. 


If we analyze the Indian rituals and the flowers used in rituals, you will come to know different flowers are used for different rituals and different colored flowers are used to perform certain Puja and rituals. All these different flowers are having spiritual meaning behind using them. 


Indian Flowers For Festival Pooja


India is widely known as a country of festivals, where we celebrate our festivals with emotions and spirituality. Our festivals are associated with spiritual significance and are celebrated with many rituals. Festival pooja performed during all the festivals like Diwali, Holi, Onam, Pongal are having very spiritual significance. During all festivals, Indians perform various festivals pooja and Indians use flowers for festival pooja. 

 Pooja Flowers

Indians use jasmine flowers, mullai flowers, lily, white lotus, pink lotus, yellow roses, marigold flower (Banthipoolu), for decorating the pooja sthan or temple, house, and to make rangoli. Indians also use Jasmine Strings, Mullai strings, and flower garlands for festival pooja to worship God and to perform pooja rituals associated with festival pooja. 


Flowers are considered to be auspicious and sacred as they symbolize purity and generosity. The fragrance it spreads is very soothing and mind that brings calmness to the senses and has a positive effect on the one who smells it and has a glaze on it. The flowers are full of positive vibes and look so attractive and beautiful. That’s the reason flowers are widely used in Indian culture to perform a festival pooja. The flowers used for festival pooja need to be fresh, pure, and natural. 


The flowers like Jasmine, Pink lotus, white lotus, mullai, marigold, lily, rose have their significant meanings. They are used to worship specific God for specific spiritual benefits and God’s blessings. 


White Lotus and Pink Lotus are used to worship Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Shiva. Lotus flowers are considered very sacred and important in Hinduism. The Lotus is also associated with the spiritual process as an opened lotus signifies an enlightened soul. Lotus is used to attract wealth and prosperity, that’s why it is widely used during festival pooja and to dedicate to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, to seek their blessings. White lotus can also be used to worship Goddess Saraswati to seek their blessings for art, knowledge, and wisdom. 


Marigold flowers are widely used in festival pooja because it is associated with the Sun that symbolizes Brightness and positive energy. Marigold flowers are also associated with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Marigold flowers are also offered to Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, and Lord Ganesha. The color of Marigold is yellow and orange which is the color of Sun and Jupiter, which are considered important and sacred in astrology. 


White Jasmine is frequently used in weddings and festival pooja, jasmine smells sweet and soothes the senses of nose but along with that jasmine symbolizes good luck and brings prosperity and success.