What Are the Rituals and Puja Performed During Diwali?

The festival of lights is celebrated with very much emotions, happiness, and spirituality by Indians living in India as well as Indians living outside India. This festival of lights is known as Diwali as well as Deepavali, that comprises celebrations, Diwali Sweets, traditions as well as Puja rituals to worship God and Goddesses to seek their blessings for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life and Hindu New Year. 


There are many stories and scriptures related to Diwali as per the ancient scriptures and mythology. Diwali is one of the main festivals celebrated by Indians and Hindus with many traditions and rituals. The main components of Diwali are


  • Diwali lamps (Diya with ghee wicks)
  • Diwali sweets
  • Worshipping the God and Goddesses by performing Pooja
  • Different Pooja Flowers
  • Phool mala (flower garland)
  • and many more sacred pooja items. 


As Diwali is all about the lights, sweets, and celebration with rituals and pooja, Diwali lamps are widely used during Diwali. There are many kinds of Diwali Diya available on the online store of different designs and shapes. Diwali Diya is also known as matti lamp, matti diya, matti dipalu (matti deepalu). The diya is enlightened with the wick using ghee wicks or oil wicks as a part of traditional celebration and ritual. Diwali Diya also knows matti deepalu and matti diya has spiritual significance in the Diwali celebration. Matti lamp (Diwali lamp) is a very important part of the Diwali celebration that signifies the light of wisdom and knowledge as well as the win of light over darkness, good over evil.


Diwali festival has many other significant festivals and auspicious days along with it. There is an auspicious day like

  • Dhanteras
  • Bhai Duj


that are celebrated and considered as an important day to perform some spiritual rituals and perform puja to seek divine blessings. On Dhanteras, also Dhantrayodashi and Dhanvantari Trayodashi worship of Dhanvantari as well as Goddess Laxmi are performed to seek their blessings for health and wealth. 


As Diwali is celebrated with Diwali crackers and Diwali sweets, it is also celebrated following many spiritual and religious traditions and rituals that include many Diwali Pooja and worshipping of God and Goddesses. 


From decoration to worshipping, pooja flowers used in Diwali are of great importance, as no puja or worshipping can be considered complete without using sacred, pure, and fresh pooja flowers. In Diwali, many Pooja items are used along with pooja flowers and Phool mala (flower garland) for worshipping and performing rituals. There are many flowers used in pooja during Diwali, like


  • Zandu flower
  • Marigold flower (banthi poolu) also known as Genda Phool

for worshipping, decoration as well as other rituals and pooja. Jandu flower and Banthi are widely used during pooja and other rituals to offer to the Gods and Goddesses. 


Flowers like Marigold (Genda Phool/ banthi poolu) and Zandu are considered very auspicious and sacred for worship. These flowers are considered best for worshipping Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. Laxmi Pujan is done to seek blessings from Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) especially on Dhanteras. One must keep in mind that Pooja flowers and pooja mala getting used in pooja should be pure and fresh. 


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