Read How Flower Compliments Festive Vibes Of Pongal

If we try to understand and decode the Indian culture, traditions, rituals, and festivals you will find it is somehow connected to nature. Indian Vedas have significant inclusiveness of nature and gratitude towards it in rituals, festivals, and even festivals. Pongal is one such festival- a four-day long festival of harvest. Pongal is one of the very important festivals of Tamil Nadu, celebrated by the people with great devotion, dedication, and excitement.


Pongal is not just about cooking a Pongal dish, but it also has another important component that makes this festival of harvest, special and exciting. Pongal is kick-started with Bhogi. The most important element of the Pongal festival is Pongapaanai, Bulls- decorated with sandal paste and vermillion, as a bull is the most favorite buddy of the farmer on the field, beautiful artistic Kolams- you will spot it almost at every household, and flowers of Pongal to worship and decorate. 


 Flowers Garlands for Decoration

Importance of Flowers in Pongal


Pongal is a festival of harvest, also it is celebrated to thank and welcome the Sun God for assisting in developing crops. It’s a festival to let go of the old and welcome the new. The flowers hold a significant role in Pongal. 


  • Rituals-Puja


Flowers are used in various rituals, puja (worshipping) of God, during Pongal. The puja of God remains incomplete without offering flowers or flower garland. The use of various Flowers for Pongal is an important part of our tradition. As the flower is an element that connects us directly with the earth element. As per our Vedas too, flowers are used to please God and to seek their blessings. Flowers are also offered to show devotion and dedication towards God. 


  • Decoration and Tradition


A flower is a natural element that can offer an aesthetic appearance whenever it is used for decoration. During Pongal, flowers are used to decorate the home, Pooja room, temple, main doors to create festive vibes and an environment that only natural and fresh flowers are capable of. Flowers and flower petals are used to decorate the flower vase and flower bowls filled with water, pooja thali, and many more. Flowers and flower petals are also used to decorate Rangolis, Pongal Kolams, and bulls by farmers on this auspicious day. 


Celebrate Responsibly And Safely


As the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety of our beloved ones should be our priority in the exciting festive vibes of Pongal. Pongal amid Covid-19 is a challenging time but the celebration must be done with the same excitement, devotion, and zeal but being conscious about hygiene, safety, social distancing must not be ignored or underestimated. 


Make Online Order And Stay Safe


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