Different Indian wedding decoration ideas
Decorations are part of Indian weddings. With time the Indian wedding decorations have changed. In most Indian weddings you would find floral decoration in the marriage hall or venue. So, you will find some more than just the standard decorations at an Indian wedding.

Creativity and floral ideas

 Nowadays the Indian families choose the floral decoration for wedding rather than going with regular decorations.
There are unique trends seen in Indian wedding decorations and flowers certainly add the freshness and aroma to the surroundings.
Out of the many changes seen in Indian wedding décor, one thing that still remains the highlight of the entire wedding decoration is the decoration of the wedding stage. When it comes to Tamil wedding stage decoration ideas, you will be mesmerized looking at how well they manage to decorate the stage so beautifully.
Here are some unique and creative wedding flower decoration ideas for Indian weddings.

Decoration for spring weddings

If you are getting married in the spring season, you are blessed with the vibrant colored flowers blooming in this season. For your spring wedding, you can think of colorful floral decorations for weddings with pink, red, golden and magenta-colored flowers.

Mehndi flower decoration

Nothing can replace the aura of amazing and mehndi floral decorations for a wedding. The mehndi flowers add energy all around the wedding venue and look fresh and vibrant. You can choose a tent structure made of wood and decorate with dazzling flowers.

Marigold flower decoration

‘Marigold or Genda Phool’ always trend and are the preferred flowers for spring season weddings. Mostly the brides love the decoration of marigold flowers. The bridal sitting is decorated with strings of lovely marigold flowers.
These flowers are the perfect flowers for the Haldi ceremony for the bride & groom and give uniqueness to the entire wedding decoration.

Mandap Decoration with flowers

If you are looking out for unique Mandap floral decoration, then go for bright color decoration for your spring wedding. Choose bright and bold color flowers like orchids, roses, marigold, daisy, sunflower, etc.


Wedding entrance floral decoration

Marigold flowers are always the choice of every Indian family as they look fresh and lovely and compliment every Indian wedding. So, you can also pick marigold wedding flower decoration for the wedding entrance too.

 You can try using flower chandeliers to bring a new and refreshing look at the entrance and welcome the guests.
Floral arrangement is part of any traditional Indian wedding. It has been the legacy carried through generations.
The wedding entrance is given utmost priority during the Indian wedding and many floral decorative pieces are used to make it appealing. The flowers help you lavishly welcome your guests.

Fairytale Floral decoration for reception stage

If you want to have the perfect and gorgeous floral reception stage decoration then go for pastel and white flowers to add the creativity and floral essence to the wedding stage decoration. It is an ideal choice for a couple who love simplicity and elegance.

Simple and elegant Indian wedding decoration

Adding a perfect Boho feel to the stage decoration, you can choose light white and pastel-colored décor. You can go with terrariums and foliage garlands.

All white and floral stage decor

If you are willing to choose a white structure for the stage then adorn it with colorful flowers along with plenty of greens.

Flawless white and & gold stage decoration

With so many ideas available of Indian wedding decorations for the stage, you must be looking out for something soothing.
 Yes, you can opt for a floral backdrop in white & light beige color with floral garlands on the ceiling and some floral strings to make it look like a dream wedding.
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