Delivering fresh flowers in times of Corona Outbreak

Just like any other industry, florists are also facing challenges to deliver fresh flowers to their customers. It is challenging to sustain in hard times while serving the customers when many people are staying home and buying just the essentials.

The wholesalers, supply chain, and warehouses in different states are struggling to follow new corona rules. While some are closed others are open. This causes disturbance in the supply chain.

Looking at the present situation which is cumbersome, many online florists are trying to come out stronger in this challenging situation.

Vivek flowers is one of those florists trying to serve their customers even during corona crisis. We are among the few florists in USA stocking Indian flowers and jasmine flowers. This also motivates us to help our Indian customers in the USA receive uninterrupted delivery of fresh flowers. We care for our Indian customers staying in the USA and trying our best to help them perform prayers, puja without compromising on fresh flowers.

Approach for timely and safe delivery of Flowers during Corona Crises

Vivek flowers have been adopting various solutions to deliver pending orders from customers. As more people are ordering through our online store and walk-in customers to our stores have been reduced, we are trying to deliver online orders systematically.

Due to the corona crisis, we are abiding the rules led by the government like social distancing, hygiene, etc. To speed our delivery and process the orders we offer

  • Curbside pickup
  • Drive-through delivery

Also, for those who wish to pick up flowers from our stores directly, we try to limit the number of people to access our store at a time.

Curbside pickup

In the curbside pickup approach, we accept orders from customers via call or place an order online. We process their orders and carry them to the parking space once they reach. 

Limited Access to the store

To help our customers who wish to visit the store for collecting their orders can access the store in limited numbers on same time. We assign time slots sometimes for customers at a time. This helps reduce the crowd.

The above delivery options help us maintain the guidelines of social distancing and help customers get fresh flowers through our store.

We at Vivek flowers take the responsibility to follow the rules during the Corona Outbreak to avoid the spread of Covid 19.

Meeting challenges

We are facing different challenges but with innovative ideas, we strive to serve you better. We are trying to deliver fresh flowers with the same excellence as before.

We are working to brighten your daily life with fresh flowers and our mission is to help flower farmers supply fresh flowers. 

Contact-free delivery

To help our customers meet the guidelines of social distancing and hygiene we have incorporated yet another effective option- contact- free delivery.

What is a contact-free delivery?

 Well, our florist will place your order of fresh flowers at doorstep. He will knock at your door and then will stand at a safe distance.

 So, this will avoid direct hand to hand contact for signature after getting the delivery. In case you are in self-isolation or couldn’t answer, our florist will leave the order at a proper place and then post the calling card via the letterbox.

We keep you posted

If you are not sure about whether the flowers will be delivered to the place you want to, don’t worry as we keep updating the real-time availability of the florists in your area.

We are trying our best to offer fresh and lovely flowers on time. Currently, we may not be able to stock a wide variety of flowers as the flower farms are closed due to COVID-19, but will try to deliver as many flowers as available.

Our dedicated team is working to keep all the products in our menu available, but in some cases, some substitutions need to be made.

We are trying to deliver Indian flower garland so that our Indian customers can offer daily prayers or prayers on specific occasions as they used to do before.

We know the importance of prayers in Indian culture and thus make flowers like jasmine and other Indian flowers available even during COVID-19 time.

Serving Indian customers

Our Indian customers can rely on our fresh flower delivery service and order flowers required for each puja, occasion, or festival. Along with fresh flowers, we also offer garlands made using Indian flowers so that our Indian customers staying in the USA never miss being in India. They can continue to offer prayers and celebrate Indian festivals and poojas without worrying about essential puja items or fresh flowers.

We know that our Indian customers depend on our store for Indian flowers and thus we are trying to deliver fresh flowers as fast as possible through different delivery options. We also are concerned about following the safety rules to avoid corona spread.